My name is Jake. I’m a thrifty foodoholic and I love to cook for my vegetarian wife. I use the term vegetarian loosely because we actually eat seafood, making us pescetarians.

We have a pretty good thing worked out: she plans the meals and does the grocery shopping and I prepare the meals. She started her meatless diet shortly after we married so I stopped preparing meat in the house, but I continued to eat meat when we dinned at restaurants. After slowly easing into a meatless diet over several months, I finally made the decision to quit meat all together.

People often ask me if I adopted a meatless diet for social or health reasons. The answer is: both. I believe in the humane treatment of animals, but I also feel so much more healthy since eliminating my meat intake. Cooking vegetarian is much cheaper and easier. I have become fascinated with trying to adapt classic recipes into vegetarian ones.

I hope I don’t seem preachy. I don’t want to push my beliefs on anyone, but I think vegetarians get a bad rap. So I’m here to show you how well you can eat without using beef, pork, or chicken.

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